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Top 10 Reasons to Move to the USA

(1) The “Can Do” Attitude of Americans If there’s one thing every American has, it’s an abundance of positivity. It’s called the “Land of Opportunity” for a reason. The country as a whole was founded on the belief that anyone can achieve anything they set their minds to, no matter who they are. It’s hardly […]

Job Opportunities USA 2019

Get a Job in The United States with the Green Card Program in 2019. The Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery (DV-2021) is the best opportunity in 2019 to live and work legally in The United States. The U.S. has always been known as “the land of opportunity.” This may be a bit of a cliché, but […]

Diversity Immigrant Visa 2019

The Diversity Visa Program 2019 is open.   Live, work or study in The United States. Apply Today to get guaranteed submission in the 2019 (DV-2021) Program All Green Cards are valid for 10 years and renewable for life   Every year in the Green Card Lottery (Diversity Visa Program) between 100,000 and 125,000 applications […]

Merry Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas to all our Green Card Applicants We wish you and your family all the best in 2019                     GREAT NEWS:  You can now apply for the 2019 (DV-2021) Green Card Program on If you are a lucky winner, it will not only be […]

US EB-5 Visa Information

The US EB-5 Visa Program You probably don’t know about I do a lot of traveling, and one thing I like to do is ask people if they’ve ever heard of the US EB-5 visa, also known as the employment-based fifth-preference category of visa. I find that most people have never heard of it, or […]