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Getting Your Green Card through Marriage

Getting Your Green Card through Marriage

One way in which immigrants to the United States can qualify for permanent residence is through marriage to a citizen. Qualification is not automatic, as many people assume, nor is it without difficulty. It is however, quite possible to receive a Green Card through marriage; you just have to be prepared to take some time and effort with the process.

In order to find out if you are eligible to qualify for a Green Card through marriage, be sure to thoroughly read the instructions shown on the Green Card application in order to be sure that you meet all of the other requirements for permanent residency. If you’re currently undocumented, on a visitor’s visa, or have an expired immigration status, be sure to consult an immigration solicitor to make sure that your status can be revised.

In addition to getting married, there are a few other steps you need to follow in order to qualify for a Green Card through marriage. You will need to get an immigration medical exam from a qualified doctor, and submit a number of documents verifying your marriage, your means of support and current immigration status, among other things.

When you apply for a Green Card through marriage, you will also be fingerprinted, and will have to attend an interview during which you will have to verify the validity of your marriage. You will have to show the authorities that you did not just marry in the purpose of obtaining permanent residence.

As you can see, getting your Green Card through marriage is far from being a simple process. Before undertaking it, you might want to consider entering the Green Card lottery. You can enter the Green Card lottery at the front page and if you win, you will be able to bypass a great deal of the verification paperwork that will be required otherwise.

Getting Your Green Card through Marriage

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