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  • Green Card Lottery winners Accelerate Green Card Application Process with Diversity Visa Program The Green Card is a very important document for the people from foreign nations relocating to the US in the urge to settle down permanently in the country. Besides serving as the permanent residency permit this bestows Read More
  • travelling to usa
    People from all across the world plan to move to USA either to enjoy a pleasurable vacation or to reside there for job. Come what way, USA is among the leading travel destinations visited by number of people throughout the year. Awesome climate, pleasant weather and well-developed infrastructure is the Read More
  • (DV-2015) 2014 Green Card winners has been selected and notified 1 of May 2014   Please check if you have been selected for further processing in the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program. Approximately 125,000 individuals were registered for further processing. Therefore, it is very important that you check if you are Read More
  • Let us explain, how you can win the Green Card Lottery The Green Card Lottery Program also called the Diversity Immigration Visa Program is gaining immense popularity among the visa applicants. However it is essential to gather the maximum possible available information to carry on with the application process and Read More
  • Important information about the US immigration law Since prehistoric times, people have been migrating from one place to another either for business or personal purposes. The term immigration means that when people move from one nation to another to settle down there permanently. The people, who move to a new Read More
  • Visiting USA – Life is all about new changes and journeys. In this modern day world, you can’t think of getting successful without traveling to new places and by taking advantage of new opportunities. However, when we talk about new and fruitful opportunities you can’t ignore the country offering the Read More
  • The moment one hears the word U.S. green card lottery, a prospective idea to earn millions pops up in our minds. But it is no simple lottery ticket; it is indeed the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, run by the United States government. Approximately, it gives nearly 55, 000 immigrant visas Read More
  • Immigration for USA United States of America opened its doors to immigrants long before the rest of the world could imagine what immigration is like. This has resulted in heavy inflow of human resources from all the hard working communities around the globe to USA. When an individual makes a Read More
  • What is a Green Card – and how do i get it? The United States is one of the most favorable places for career aspirants that urge people from several parts of the world migrate to the country in the quest of their dream job, higher education and many other Read More
  • Live and work in USA Out of all the countries in the world, the United States of America is known to one of the biggest and most prosperous country of the world. USA is not only blessed with amazing natural beauty but is also the most developed nation with numerous Read More
  • How to Identify a Fraudulent USA Visa Lottery Website The thought of obtaining green card status in the United States may be something that is very exciting to you since it represents new horizons and the opportunity to be free.  Moving to the USA represents an exciting opportunity for many Read More
  • Permanent Resident Status by following the Green Card Law Being awarded green card status means that you can enjoy all of the privileges of permanent residence in the United States.  It also makes you eligible to eventually apply for US citizenship.  Although you may have received permanent resident status, it Read More
  • Many people consider moving to the United States in search of better opportunities and the promise of freedom.  If you are considering a move to the United States or you have just been awarded green card status and are preparing for your move, there are specific guidelines and practices you Read More
  •   Being awarded green card status and lawful permanent residence in the US can be an exciting experience.  However, once you gain entry to the United States the process is not yet complete as you get settled in.  If you are a foreign national who has been living in the Read More
  • How to Qualify for Work in the USA with an Employment Based Green Card If you are considering becoming a lawful permanent resident of the United States based on employment, the procedure for seeking work in the USA involves a series of steps and guidelines which are set forth by Read More