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Paid or Free Green Card Lottery Program

To get the best chance of winning the Green Card Lottery you need a professional paid immigration service to assist you.

Although many applicants can register for the lottery themselves for free at the US Government website during the very limited 30-day only open registration period, there are several good reasons to use a professional lottery service like US Green Card Office

For one, applicants can use our value added professional lottery service any time of year (open 365 days a year) and not scramble with changing Lottery dates each year. Using our paid professional service ensure a 100% error free application before its submitted to the US Government. You can even add free Airline tickets insurance to your application when you apply for a small extra fee.

But in most cases, just the convenience of letting someone else notify you if you win (and keep your confirmation number safe) are sufficient reasons to use our valued added service.

Read more about our value added service here,

And watch below video to learn more.

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