What is a Green Card

What is a Green Card

A green card is basically a residency card for the United States and its serves the purpose of proving one’s identification of an individual who is residing in US on a permanent basis but is still not a resident. The green card also serves the purpose of proving that an individual is staying in US legally and is permitted to work there. Moreover, this card also gives the card holder almost all the rights of a citizen which is the best thing about it. It does not only allow the person to reside in US but also brings him on par with other citizens based on fundamental and legal rights.


What is a Green Card

What is a Green Card

The main reason why this residency card is known as a green card is because it is green in color. The color of this card has changed several times but since the year 2005 this card has been prominently in green color while the rest of the card is white. Some of the details that are captured in this card are as follows:

  1. Full name of the individual
  2. Photograph of the individual that is recent for identification purposes
  3. Other crucial information of the card holder


There are some rules that a green card holder should follow when he is in possession of it. If a person is not a citizen and is residing in US based on a green card, he should have this card on him at all times. If an individual does not have green card with him and comes in contact with the Immigration Services he might get in some conflicts and troubles. As stated earlier, a green card only allows an individual certain level of rights and these rights are not as complete as those of the US citizens due to which this proof of residency has to be with an individual all the time.

The main reason for holding a green card at all time is because of safety of US. Before the traumatic event of 9/11 this rule was not enforced, but since the increase in security threats the government has established this rule where even if a person travels domestically, he will have to have green card with him. Previously, an individual only had to carry it when coming back from a foreign trip.

In order to get a green one must go through a lengthy process which can possibly take a lot of years. Most of the times, it depends on whether the individual fulfills the criteria on which the green card is given and it also depends on the home country of an individual. There are several approvals that need to be obtained over the applications which can further derail the whole process.

Following five points are some of the important criteria for getting a green card:

  1. A sponsor is required in form of an employer
  2. A relative must exist from US who has citizenship
  3. Individual has won the green card lottery
  4. Individual has married another individual who is a US citizen
  5. Individual has invested around $500,000 in US and has created employment as well.

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